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Declarations of Independence, Grant Snider

This is my life now. The mangling of the English language is my favorite part though. “He means fork!” (hehe, he said fuck)


Bisexuality: Setting the Records “Straight” [x]

My Bisexuality has no bearing on my ability to commit to someone. All that means is that the potential pool of applicants is a bit bigger.”


"Daenerys" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally finished. Had a little too much fun painting all that loose, whispy, wooshy, hair. Now right back to the art cave to continue research on a poster I’m particularly excited about.

“Once you learn to drop the hate, you too can find happiness — because we will welcome you with open arms if you learn to open your mind. Not today, Satan! Not today!”

A little late to the party on that video of Mama Tits taking down protestors at Pride, but man, it’s fantastic. No religion-bashing, just gay-bashing-bashing. All the protestors can do after this takedown is keep repeating the same mantras… and walk away.

(Confidential to protestors: Fuck you for assuming who has and hasn’t “accepted” Jesus, and for assuming that he would even fucking care.)

“The Mr Men inhabit a godless universe. They chiefly fall into two camps – those with character defects (eg Mr Greedy) and those with afflictions (eg Mr Skinny). They all suffer in some way, except those too mad (Mr Silly) or too stupid (Mr Dizzy) to comprehend what suffering is.”

Charlie Brooker on children’s storybooks

“[A lot of people] have been saying, ‘This is an American family,’ and I said, ‘No, this is not an American family,’” Huang explained. “America wanted nothing to do with us. This is about Taiwanese- and Chinese-American families — and you can’t remove any part of that. That is what my family is.”

– Eddie Huang, discussing Fresh off the Boat via Buzzfeed.